Towards the Future: Synergizing Efforts for the Next Generation of Cell Therapeutics - Free event

The use of cells to cure disease is rapidly gaining momentum. Nevertheless, the development of cell-based therapies has been impacted by the complexity of the product, i.e. both biological and logistical/manufacturing challenges, and the cost.
Due to this complex nature of cell therapy products, partnering for their successful commercial development seems inevitable to overcome these developmental challenges.
In this free symposium, we aim to drive the translation of cell therapy from the bench to the bedside by facilitating increased levels of interaction between the various partners of the developmental value chain.
13h00                 Registration
13h50                 Welcome
Plenary session 
14u00-14u30      Lessons learned from the first generation of cell therapeutics. Where do we go from here?
                            Wilfried Dalemans, CTO, Tigenix
14h30-15h00      Tailor-made regulatory support by the National Innovation Office
                            Christophe Lahorte, Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products
15h00-15h30      Cell therapeutics for unresolved conditions: the case of perianal Crohn’s disease
                            Gert Van Assche, UZLeuven
15h30-16h00     Coffee break
Pitchers cell therapy value chain 
16h00-16h10     Introduction of the RegMed platform
                           Jan Schrooten, Antleron
16h10-16h20     Advancing innovative cell therapy solutions to the patient     
                           Nathalie Cools, University of Antwerp, copromotor, Anicells
16h20-16h30     Insights into the importance and difficulties of quality/compliance in the field of personalised medicine (for current and future processes)
                           Bart Van Acker, Managing director, QbD
16h30-16h40     Safety First: A quality control pipeline in your cell therapy development journey
                           Griet Nuytinck, CEO, Group Nuytinck
16h40-16h50, from cell culture quality control to actionable insights for efficient cell production
                          Toon Lambrechts, KULeuven
16h50-17h00    Towards personalised manufacturing 4.0
                          Jan Schrooten, Managing director, Antleron
17h00-17h10    Cell therapy: standardized intradermal injection to the rescue
                          Vanessa Vankerckhoven, CEO, Novosanis
17h10-17h20    Precious cargo: Right Away delivery of cell therapeutics
                          Peter Allard, Managing director, RightAway
17h20-17h30    Closing remarks
                          Henk Joos, Managing director, Flanders Bio
17h30-19h00     Networking event
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